The Storm of Reading
The Storm of Reading
Cimmerian City - Rae Lori

It's Friday!


Added on by NerdyNatasha.....thanks for the inspiration.


I'm getting some work done. I've organized some of my ARC books from Netgalley and a few other sites. I haven't written out any reviews but have arranged many notes. I'm also excited that I've gotten my FB Likes pages almost ready to launch and my websites as well. Thankfully the weather is perfect for sitting here and reading for several hours. I am so excited. I will not be sidetracked.


Wish me luck. Starting with Cimmerian City Book 1 which will be archived Aug. 1st if I don't get down to some major reading. The book seems right up my alley since the author wrote this book based on her perspectives on 1984 and A Brave New World. Considering I am that person that must live off of the Pharma company due to my Multiple Sclerosis and other ailments, I can also envision a world briefly described in the blurb....where the side effects of one drug are treated with another and it generally changes the population. But who is telling the truth at this point?  


SO excuse me as the rain falls. I open up to a good book, and heal myself through non drugs. Even though it seems like I'm in a whirlwind of books that need to get done, the only thing that I can do is read one at a time. So here comes the storm and the journey at the same time.