Cimmerian City - Rae Lori

Excited to see where this book takes me. I am dependent on big Pharma due to my Multiple Sclerosis and other ailments. I have wondered what the long run of taking a med for a side effect of another med, or having to take one because a med caused further problems.


I admire the author for basing these thoughts off of 1984 and A Brave New World. Those were my favorite books when I was younger and as I grew I could see many of the events being foretold for my generation.


Cimmerian City is one of the books that I must have completed for the Aug. 1st archive by Netgalley. I did get a little behind on my reading and reviewing with my health. But I'm about to push forward and get this done. Wish me luck....actually. No luck needed I feel this book will be well worth the read.