She's emo? You'd cut too, if you've been through what she has.
She's anorexic? You'd be too, if everyone called you fat everyday.
She's a whore? She made one mistake that cost her, her reputation.
She's a show off? Her parents abuse her, & she's never heard a praise.
She's loud? She's invisible at home, & she wants to be heard.
She's quiet? She's afraid to speak, because she's afraid to get made fun of.
She's fat? She eats, because she misses her dead brother.
She's a geek? She wants to get into college, so she can support her poverty ridden family.
She's ugly? Tell me, what is the definition of beauty. Who are you to judge them? You know their name, not their story.
REPOST if you're against Bullying. I bet 99% of you won't

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