Geekomancy - Michael R. Underwood Wicked Charms - Phoef Sutton, Janet Evanovich Feed - Mira Grant

So I guess the ability to find a comfortable spot in bed, traverses beyond your physical position at rest.....but also has an implication on what you are going to read. I have tried reading several ARC books that I have gained through different sites. Of course I leaped through Janet Evanovich's, Wicked Charms. It was a book I was eager to read since finishing the last one in the series. 


The other books I began are unedited proofs and although they are right up my insomnia filled , coughing hacking, life just weren't digging them. Then there was this other book to preview but I couldn't get it to load on my other book social and tracking sites, and lost patience from that end.


While I was cleaning my Kindle, have to keep my baby germ free too it I am just going to keep getting the cold, one book kept on popping up on the internet, Facebook advertisement and in My Favorites (totally had the best intentions to read and re view it awhile back). Now that I have another book further in the series to read and review from Netgalley, I figured I would try and give it a go. Just like trying to find a comfortable spot in bed when you are sick, sometimes it is just as hard to find a book to comfort you through your sickness.


Of course there was a Mira Grant book that I couldn't go wrong with....but wasn't sure if I needed to read any of the other books that I missed in the series to truly love this book like I did with the 1st book in her zombie series Feed. I'm thinking about doing a whole zombie thing with mummy blogs and reading list with the much awaited Fear The Walking Dead starting soon, and the return of TWD. So I put off her book for the moment. 


So here's to Michael R. underwood's, Geekomancy. May this book keep me comforted through my long nights of barking coughs and feeling like poo.