Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

So I was the poster 70s  80s child. Everything that Wade's generation is recycling into their own is totally part of my past. Including the feel of being the poor outcast on food stamps, wearing fellow classmates handouts as clothes, and yearning to fit in. My fallback then as books, culture, music, films.....


I feel like I already have such a connection with this kid that if I thought hard enough, I could find the Easter eggs and win this competition.....of which I'm reading in a fictitious book. Okay. Every reference to pop culture of those days are making me squeal. I have a feeling upon finishing this book I'm going to gain a higher XP of Geek experience and points. Too bad I didn't have the ability to pick up my filling working Atari and all its working games and play while reading this.......maybe I'll have to purchase the narration edition of this book to be able to satisfy my urge to multitask to extreme nerdom.


Anyone else ever feel this way? Or has the book really been an influence of this all?Or both?