Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire

I must say, I enjoyed the first book so much. Now that the continuation is been out there's no better opportunity for me for me to read the book then right now! I'm excited to get back into reading. Sometimes life gets so hectic and busy that even just the spare moments that you have to read get taken away. I've missed my meditational reading, my reading before sleep, and my sleep during my breaks between activities. 


The Reflection Series, by Seanan McGuire, just happens to be one of those books that you can escape in. I can just lose myself in this book and forget my troubles. There's everything you need to keep you and gage from laughter, sarcasm, to more sarcasm College irony, and everything else a fantasy book needs. If there's any fairy tales you know I bet its reference in this book, even fairy tales that you've never heard of or just no parts of our mention shares well. Don't forget don't let the story take over your life.