As you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, please be careful. One thing that is hidden on the darkside is The Revenge of the Fifth. 


For Celebrating Cinco de Mayo - 



For celebrating Revenge of the Fifth- 

International Star Wars Day on May 4th became so popular that the fans didn't want the trend to die. Thus, the following day, May 5th, became Revenge of the Fifth Day. This was a play on the Star Wars movie title Revenge of the Sith. It is today, May 5th, that fans can let their darkside come out to play (coincidence that it happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo...I think not!) , so most fans let evoke their evil side. Many dress up as Sith Lords, other Vader, and many other are so drunk with Cinco de Mayo that even Chewbacca can be fun to dress as. But mostly fans party and wear costumes of the villain characters from the movies series. 





Some Florida love for sith holiday......Hopefully, you don't have to dig yourself out of the sand later on tonight.