The Marvelous Land of Oz - L. Frank Baum No Place Like Oz - Danielle  Paige Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige



This story of Jack the Pumpkinhead man constructed by Tip brings back so many memories of the movie  Return to Oz  . It was a different sort of movie but made for my generation at that time, effects, actors, and all. I have to go out and watch that movie again if I'm going to deconstruct Oz in preparation of reading Danielle Paige's series Dorothy Must Die . 







Since the chapters are short and the reading is light in this book , The Marvelous Land of Oz , it has been easy to take little breaks from my other readings (mostly zombie books). Discovering little and BIG things that were never revealed or what we thought we knew of Oz is such a journey within itself. Plus like many other novels written at that time, it's filled with hidden politics and ideals that still remain today, like transgenderism. But that's for when digging really deep into the book. I'm wondering how deep to dig and how much dissolving of the story I will do. Too bad I wasn't back in college to write up essays and articles requiring a thesis and much research......but then again there are always BookLikes and my blog (coming soon) to do these kind of posting, without having to spend thousands of dollars in tuition and time in classes. Perhaps all of this will help fulfill me as a disabled person from my Multiple Sclerosis, providing a new meaning, greater causes, and a purpose that is not focused on my health issues.



Now I just need to churn up an audience and work on my writing skills especially when my eyes are whacked out with neurologist and my spasms have my typing seem like a handless person trying to pick up dropped M&MS......or like Jack the Pumpkinhead Man in this book.