Z-Burbia 3: Estate of the Dead - Jake Bible Z-Burbia 2: Parkway To Hell (Volume 2) - Jake Bible Z-Burbia - Jake Bible

Jake Bible, with Zburbia -3 , you had my guts all in knots reading the third book of Zburbia . The third book in the series focused more on Elsbeth and her hidden history. Does she have another family besides the Stanford's? Much more of the book was dedicated to deadly subliminally manipulated sisters, and the people who died, some who lived, with many injured, while the rest were left lost as to what to do. All the communities faced the Consortium....which is ran by a influential people and operated by ruthless ones. The ending, like the other two books, leaves the reader hung on such a cliffhanger filled with emotions that the reader feels hung over a pit of zombies. I cannot wait for the fourth book! I'm already in withdrawal of these suburbanites trying to survive both the zombie element and human. I'll be the first online to get the fourth book....unless Jake Bible sees fit that I can get an Advanced Readers Copy...hint.....hint.