There are just times in life where work and life just don't balance out. Things can even be harder when you have Mulitple Sclerosis along with a few other disabilities. But this does not mean you don't try and balance things out or even try to get farther ahead. I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the ARC, Netgalley books I had to read, plus all the reviews and social media I needed to work on. Rather than complain and accomplish nothing, I made some headway today.



I might not have completed all of the necessary work to finally launch the site but I made major decisions and finally decided to wipe my blogger account clean and start anew. All of these fresh projects, new ideas, future changes, collaborations have me so excited. Some things to look forward to a challenges, giveaways, author interviews, blog hops,and even a return of Caturdays.



Besides just having book, movie, foodie, and other reviews I'm planning on having many nerdy notions, along with information for those that might be like me with MS and Lupus....might have other health conditions, have giveaways, generate writing prompts and discussions. My Kindle, my best friend and I have so much work to do. On my bad days I'll be able to focus my energies on something worthwhile, and on my excellent days perhaps I'll do more than inspire myself. So far the working title for the main blog is MuSings of NerdyNatasha



I know all of this will be a lot of work. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Blogging is a way of life, that's why there are so many platforms. But this is the life we choose. There is something that fills the heart of a blogger when they write, have a connection to their writing, then see how it all connects to their audience. When my blog finally goes live of course I will need your support, I'll post the link, and hopefully get feedback. See you all on the blogosphere....Netgalley....GoodReads......Twitter......Facebook Likes Fan Page......and on a digital screen closest to you!