Lipstick Jungle - Candace Bushnell Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America And American in Iran - Azadeh Moaveni Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century - Greil Marcus Lessons of a Lipstick Queen: Finding and Developing the Great Idea that Can Change Your Life - Poppy King


I'm sorry I didn't make a post for yesterday's celebration for #NationalChocolateDay, I had errands to run. I'm sure all of us were able to celebrate in our individualized, unique, sweet, way. Mine was a strawberry swirled cheesecake at dinner with some chocolate liquor soaked into the crust.  I must say the heat really took much of my energy out of me. So I'm late on everything. But for today....a little late. But late is better than never. 


Hum chocolate and lipstick.....


I could have combined both celebration days?

Hum, where can I get these chocolate lipstick makers?

I don't have chocolate on my teeth?


#HappyNationalLipstickDay .

Today is the day to be bold, try new things, and be adventurous. I didn't know  about you men and women out there. But that doesn't mean that you have to wear the lipstick. Just try something new. I wanted all of this to be out this morning for others to read, but like lipstick sometimes you just have to put it on and go.


Sometimes having the perfect lipstick flips things in the head of girls to kiss boys and leave a little reminder we were around. Have the perfect shade. 


People magazine had a great article to discuss lipstick and changing things up. If you have a chance perhaps you might like the article too. It might help in kissing more boys and enjoying yourself and life more.



I can't wait for football season to start. We all know I have the perfect lipstick to match my Tampa Bay Buccaneers

....and it doesn't stop there. I can match this season with my favorite sport? Sweet. Why can't I find this book? 

Through searching for images for today's holiday, #NationalLipstickDay , I came across a pretty neat blog. I'll be returning to read the blog. I enjoyed the fashion and sense I picked up from this blog. 

Here is the link to her blog as well.  Perhaps you might enjoy it as well. There is nothing wrong looking hot and nerdy. 


Hope you were able to take a bite out of my belated post.



Sweetness, kisses, and so much more for today and tonight. Can't wait to see you tomorrrow. Perhaps tonight I'll even have lipstick dreams after my cherry chapsticked liquored drink. Tonight's read requires a tasty and fashionable cocktail. Goodnight!