How to Survive a Sharknado--and Other Unnatural Disasters: Fight Back When Monsters and Mother Nature Attack - Andrew Shaffer


I must say that today is going to be wonderful. National channels have been trying to prepare us for a doomfilled night, but I have hopes. I am from Jersey and lived in NY. Just listen to what Ian has to say of these stately people. But Ian isn't the only one to listen to. Please stay tuned to your local and national news channels.


Perhaps the most important thing to survive tonight will be this #Sharknadoawarenessday information.

(from Sharknado 1)


I was so proud to have the pets ready early. Maybe it is a little too early?



What don't we know about Sharknado 2? What do we need to know? How often will this apocolypse come down upon us? Will this become a seasonal change like hurricane season?Can the new book How Can we Survive any Sharknado?If I learn anything imertanant to save your life while reading I'll Did I mention that I have a reviewer copy of the book to help me along? I can't wait to read and post a review, no matter how silly many of you think this apocalypse might be.




Tonight will be Sharknado2: The Sequel on the SyFy Channel






AND Ian Zeiring will be holding his own at 50 years old while looking like he could still have a role on 90210. 



Unfortunately I was very sick with my Multiple Sclerosis when all the fun competitions, Kickstarter Perks, and other ways to get into the film were being held. As a former marine biologist, scientific diver, and shark tagger; at least, I can just sit back and enjoy the show. Even folks at Comic Con are having a shark of a time. Too bad I don't have pjs to go all in for the night, and my shark slippers have to be replaced...bummer.

Does this come in an adult style?


Or maybe I could just settle for a toy?


Butt...hehehe, this picture and idea of celebrating is more befitting. I can head to Subway or even Joe's Crab Shack to have a little bit more Sharknado2 fun. 



As if you haven't seen enough cheesecake with the sweetness of Ian Ziering. Today is also National Cheesecake Day sponsored by The Cheesecake Factory.

For some of us The Cheesecake Factory is very far away. So use today to come up with a great recipe and share. I love cooking and trying recipes based on the recommendations of others. 


Now to combine National Cheesecake Day and Sharknado2



Okay so they might not be cheesecakes.....more like cheesie....LOL. 






Have a safe and fun night. Watch for Sharknado2 and enjoy National Cheesecake. Just like the Sharknado, cheesecake can be deadly too.