Wonderland: Asylum - Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand

I'm so excited that Wonderland Asylum is one of my first graphic novels to review from Netgalley. Thankfully the site provided all of the information about the publishers and artists. I was able to go to www.zenescope.com and check out much more of their art. 

Now I'm making the quick journey over to their Facebook page to Like as well, www.Facebook.com/Zenescope . The art is amazing and the story line has caught me from the start. I'm hoping I can earn my way in the ranks for more of these graphic novels. As most of you know I was a huge fan of The Walking Dead graphic novels and own both of the Compendiums. The galley that I've really been anticipating are the Fables. 


But for right now I'm enjoying Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland Asylum which takes place after Wonderland #19. So to really get into this series I have 19 back issues to read. I think instead of a sugar daddy I'm going to need a book daddy. DO those even exist? If they do.....I'm  here  <-----------------