Wonderland: Asylum - Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand

I was provided the this issue of Wonderland Asylum after issue #19 by Netgalley for a fair and in biased review. I have a full and complete one ready to post later on. For now, here is a brief summary of my thoughts.The artwork in Woderland Asylum is phenomenal. I enjoyed the sarcasm and humor.that was continued through each of the lands. Although I didn't read the previous 19 issues I felt that the introduction provided enough background information to include the reader as to where the graphic novel plot was at that point. The extra art work of alternate covers at the end was a perk. Besides the art work were the coloring and the metering which were magnificent as well. In total I felt the comic could be read as a stand alone. This graphic novel has adult themes, language, and situations. I look forward to see what else www.zenescope.com will develop.