Fractured Dream (The Dreamer Saga Book 1) - K.M. Randall

"And don't worry,  they come if like succubae, but deep down they're just little Disney Princesses at heart." - K.M. Randall



All the fairy tale characters that travel the mountain become tainted by chaos, perhaps not even a familiar version of themselves. Adam, the good guy, always tried playing hero, He was able to save two princesses at once without even breaking a sweat during the save. It made me wonder what these converted from Disney princesses would look like.




Well tattoos aren't what corrupted the minds of these princesses....they look amazing.




Now these princesses look look a little fractured.



As the book said, dreams can be nightmares and nightmares can be dreams. This picture, is the most befitting for Adam's experience with Snow White & Sleeping Beauty. The imagery of the Disney picture for the princesses was perfect to remind the reader that this is a true fantasy read, filled with dreams and nightmares. It simply comes down to whose realization it comes from an if trickery magic was used.