Memory Zero - Keri Arthur

I can see why the cover for Memory Zero was changed to something more in the action/mystery/thriller realm instead of looking like a cover from Underworld. The further I delve into reading the more hooked I'm getting by the slinky like twists and thrilling action. I hope this place and trend continues not only for this book but for the rest of the series.


Being bedridden is allowing me to catch up with my TBRs, get lost in good books while forgetting the pain. When reading about characters that have no pain or heal quickly regardless of whether they are human or nonhuman is a an easy way to pretend (like we were little) that I am one of those characters and the pain is nothing and Wil subside rather quickly. It is beyond humorous though that Memory Zero contains vampires, because I can't go in the sun right now.


On top of all else I have a migraine so my blackout curtains make my room look like a supreme masters coffin, with a place to lay, a sitting area, and a table filled with a red drink (pomegranate tea). Is there something secretly wrong with me and I'm really a vampire. With my insomnia if I do sleep I tend to get more of a nap during the day than at night.....maybe this isn't a coincidence. I do like my meat bloody raw. I've charmed people with my eyes. This is too I much. Someone call the Spook Squad for me and ask Finley to run comprehensive tests and more. Maybe I'm something other than a vampire?...and something other than a nerd.