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Indexing: Reflections (Indexing Series) - Seanan McGuire

I must say, I enjoyed the first book so much. Now that the continuation is been out there's no better opportunity for me for me to read the book then right now! I'm excited to get back into reading. Sometimes life gets so hectic and busy that even just the spare moments that you have to read get taken away. I've missed my meditational reading, my reading before sleep, and my sleep during my breaks between activities. 


The Reflection Series, by Seanan McGuire, just happens to be one of those books that you can escape in. I can just lose myself in this book and forget my troubles. There's everything you need to keep you and gage from laughter, sarcasm, to more sarcasm College irony, and everything else a fantasy book needs. If there's any fairy tales you know I bet its reference in this book, even fairy tales that you've never heard of or just no parts of our mention shares well. Don't forget don't let the story take over your life.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn The Maze Runner - James Dashner The Scorch Trials - James Dashner The Martian - Andy Weir
But there’s no app for a bourbon buzz on a warm day in a cool, dark bar. The world will always want a drink.

Excited to use my downtime in the hospital physical therapy rehab to catch up with my reading.  FINALLY I finished The Maze Runner 1&2, so we can watch the movie.



 I've been overly eager to read Gone Girl.  Excited to see what the film has to offer. Plus I have a whole other device a friend dropped off to keep my mind entertained with reading. 


Then onto The Martian. Of course my uncle wants to watch this. ..... and if course that nerdy female version of Sheldon from theThe Big Bang Theory while watching the movie.  It will be twice as bad since I'm have read the book.


 I'm just on a reading marathon....Any near and future movies based off of books anyone wants to recommend? 

Must finish this book to watch the movie with TeaTio......
The Scorch Trials - James Dashner
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
The Maze Runner - James Dashner

"his whole body itching with the desire to ask questions. I need some tape to put over my mouth, he thought."


Does anyone else feel that they need to physically cover their mouth to prevent themselves from asking questions?

Reading progress update: I've read 14%.
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

So I was the poster 70s  80s child. Everything that Wade's generation is recycling into their own is totally part of my past. Including the feel of being the poor outcast on food stamps, wearing fellow classmates handouts as clothes, and yearning to fit in. My fallback then as books, culture, music, films.....


I feel like I already have such a connection with this kid that if I thought hard enough, I could find the Easter eggs and win this competition.....of which I'm reading in a fictitious book. Okay. Every reference to pop culture of those days are making me squeal. I have a feeling upon finishing this book I'm going to gain a higher XP of Geek experience and points. Too bad I didn't have the ability to pick up my filling working Atari and all its working games and play while reading this.......maybe I'll have to purchase the narration edition of this book to be able to satisfy my urge to multitask to extreme nerdom.


Anyone else ever feel this way? Or has the book really been an influence of this all?Or both?

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Finally getting around to reading this novel. Next step kicking butt in gear for all the online work. Then from there I can start sewing, painting,, and crafting again...building my business right up again. 


I've been knocked out before......But I'm not down for the count! I shall achieve, endure, and succeed!



On Reading


Consider the possibilities...

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Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse - Nicholas Ryan

I need my zombie fix....

Finding a comfortable spot......
Geekomancy - Michael R. Underwood Wicked Charms - Phoef Sutton, Janet Evanovich Feed - Mira Grant

So I guess the ability to find a comfortable spot in bed, traverses beyond your physical position at rest.....but also has an implication on what you are going to read. I have tried reading several ARC books that I have gained through different sites. Of course I leaped through Janet Evanovich's, Wicked Charms. It was a book I was eager to read since finishing the last one in the series. 


The other books I began are unedited proofs and although they are right up my insomnia filled , coughing hacking, life just weren't digging them. Then there was this other book to preview but I couldn't get it to load on my other book social and tracking sites, and lost patience from that end.


While I was cleaning my Kindle, have to keep my baby germ free too it I am just going to keep getting the cold, one book kept on popping up on the internet, Facebook advertisement and in My Favorites (totally had the best intentions to read and re view it awhile back). Now that I have another book further in the series to read and review from Netgalley, I figured I would try and give it a go. Just like trying to find a comfortable spot in bed when you are sick, sometimes it is just as hard to find a book to comfort you through your sickness.


Of course there was a Mira Grant book that I couldn't go wrong with....but wasn't sure if I needed to read any of the other books that I missed in the series to truly love this book like I did with the 1st book in her zombie series Feed. I'm thinking about doing a whole zombie thing with mummy blogs and reading list with the much awaited Fear The Walking Dead starting soon, and the return of TWD. So I put off her book for the moment. 


So here's to Michael R. underwood's, Geekomancy. May this book keep me comforted through my long nights of barking coughs and feeling like poo. 

Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
Rewinder - Brett Battles

"I read somewhere that everyone is the hero of his or her own story."

Reading progress update: I've read 5%.
The End of the World Is Rye - Brett Cottrell

“To deny this life in search of another is to seek death,

Reading progress update: I've read 72%. with insomnia and sunrise....
Wicked Charms - Phoef Sutton, Janet Evanovich

Of course another night if insomnia with this cold, not like the cold would have mattered. Although being sick with this bug and now being on round two of antibiotics has made me realize just how my day would go after reading this line from the book.....


"If I were a dwarf my name would be Clueless." That would be one of the Snow White Seven Dwarfs if that needs explaining to others that could possibly be confused too as this sun is rising and not a wink of sleep.


Reading progress update: I've read 63%.
Wicked Charms - Phoef Sutton, Janet Evanovich


There just hap penned to be an unsightly scene of Hatchet naked with just his sword. Lizzy made a mental note of bleaching her eyes to remove all visions of that sight and memory.


I find a connection with Lizzy because we have much of the same humor and luck. I think I say that bleach in the eye comment at least once a day. Have you seen some of the people, especially tourists in Southwest Florida? It's just add bad as the store of folks at Wal-Mart late night and on weekends.



Reading progress update: I've read 7%.
Wicked Charms - Phoef Sutton, Janet Evanovich

Finally after a little hiatus due to my health I'm back. It feels so good and strange at the same time. So many updates and changes to get used to. 


I'm happy to say that I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley. I've loved all the other books in this series so far. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't read any of the books in Miss Janet's other series. I feel that since this was such a big win for me to receive for review that it be my return to this site.


Hello to all my old friends and looking forward to meeting so many more of my fellow bibliophiles.


Here's to some Wicked good reading.

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Doctor Who The Encyclopedia - Gary Russell The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox My Zombie Valentine - Katie MacAlister, Angie Fox, Lisa Cach, Mari Mancusi Immortally Yours - Angie Fox Slimy Underbelly - Kevin J. Anderson Salt - Danielle Ellison The Immortal Circus: Act One - A.R. Kahler The Immortal Circus: Act Two - A.R. Kahler The Immortal Circus: Final Act - A.R. Kahler Follow Me Through Darkness - Danielle Ellison


I've been working extremely hard to get so many things done. With my birthday coming up next week I have planned my own birthday party and have a theme Superheroes and Villains since everyone has had a tough year and have conquered so much....including me. This is my first year that with my Multiple Sclerosis that I have not gone to the hospital, I'm not celebrating my birthday in the hospital in several years (last year I went shortly after my birthday, so I still consider that birthday hospital stay), and I'm working the hardest on my health to stay out of the hospital for the rest of the year even going through the withdrawal of not having a necessary medicine due to Staywell insurance complications. 



I've been so wound up in working on my party where by the way is at the Alehouse, a restaurant with a bar I used to visit quite often and plan parties for the teachers of the district I worked in. Those parties were called, to stay out of trouble from the head cheese, TIPS meetings (Teacher Insanity Prevention Services)...LOL. Well this birthday party I'm planning is a costume party to boot and I have some games planned and some former students from quite a few moons ago are coming, one that is a return guest (came the year previous) with their child and soon to be husband. I'm quite touched that many of my students have worked hard to stay in touch with me and often are concerned about my health and well being. 



So in doing all of this, I realized it was Saturday, talked about making my #Caturday posts, watched my Saturday cartoons....BUT MISSED DOCTOR WHO. How could I miss the second episode of my favorite show? And with the Doctor still going through the transformation of becoming the new Doctor, changing persona and gaining access to all of his intelligence, like talking to Dinosaurs. How can I call myself a Whovian? I have disappointed the entire TARDIS ethereal spirits that flitter about me. But thankfully while working on this post I'm able to catch up on #DoctorWho repeat , it was listed wrong on my cable guide and thankfully I have the chance to watch my favorite show and maintain my self proclaimed top status as a #Whovian. 


To brag I can at least say that I have accomplished several missions today from the party planning to finishing up another reviewer book and organizing some other ARC books. I did find though that some things did not get posted to Facebook and the application has been finicky not only for me but others are missing posts as well too. I had received this wonderful gift package from @AngieFox one of the authors that I fell in love with after reading several of their ARC books from Netgalley. I hope she has a chance to read this and tomorrow I'm hoping this storm won't knock out the internet again so that I can reposts my thanks to her filled with the pictures of the items that I received. 




By the way, if there are any other authors, bloggers, publishers, or those reading this that would like to send me a birthday present of book(s), I will not refuse. IF there just happens to be a signature in there it would be even more exciting. Real books I keep to the side because it is difficult for me to hold the book, turn the page, and when my vision goes I have the Kindle read to me. So if you would like to send me something, please make it in a digital form, mobi or Amazon (azw) if possible. I do read books, don't get me wrong, but it is more difficult for me to do and takes more energy, almost taking some of the enjoyment out of the journey. 



#Caturday so to get a little more of my desperation for The Walking Dead to start again I am reading an apacolyptic book Foamers by Justin Kassab, and the zombie P.I. series of Dan Shamble (Chambeaux) by Kevin J. Anderson, Slimy Underbelly. 


Then I must get to work as one of the Street Team Shadow Guards for Danielle Ellison known for Salt (I really hope to get this book for my birthday so I can read the sequel when it comes out)  and Alex Kahler known for Immortal Circus (a Kindle series that came in three separate books Acts 1-3)). Their new books are launching soon and so they have decided to team up on their launches in spreading the good name for reading sakes. Danielle's new book is titled Follow me Through Darkness and Alex's book is called Martyr. We were given a list of tasks to accomplish, with the winner gaining a big prize at the end. Those of you that know me know that I'm big on competing and I work hard to win. So wish me luck that I win......because I'm working hard to do it. Here are the covers of the books so you can start envisioning what you shall pick up soon. I can't wait to start reading it myself.....once I get this zombie kick out of my system of course. LOL. Stay tuned for more on these authors and their books, their bios, their journeys, and me winning......ahem....I mean and their work. LOL.










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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
The Scorch Trials - James Dashner
Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse - Nicholas Ryan
Follow Me Through Darkness - Danielle Ellison